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    Management Courses

    Investment Management

    Finance and broking companies, investment banks, mutual fund, equity research outfits & besides independent practice, which is also an option.

    Tea Management

    As tea tasters, as managers of tea gardens / corporate officers of tea companies.

    Export Import Management

    The qualification you gained through this course will benefit a wide range of careers which includes Export-Import Manager / Foreign Trade Manager, Merchandise Manager, International Finance Officer, Exim Executive Officer, International Business Development Manager, Exim Documentation Executive, CHA Manager, etc.
    As the course is tailor made to meet the requirement of International business community, the career you planned is well with in your reach.

    Food Safety & Quality Management

    Quality Control Officer or Quality Assurance/ Management professionals in food /hospitality/ retail industry and laboratories, Food Safety Officer in the regulatory bodies, Food Auditor in Certification and Inspection bodies, Trainer/ Counsellor in Food Safety & Quality Management Systems, and Self-Employment as food certifying/auditing professionals for the Food Safety and Quality Management Systems.

    Other Courses

    Technical Analysist

    Technical Analysts/ Consultants: Brokerage Firms; Self-employment.


    Freelance and regular employment in newspaper and magazines, printing presses.

    Tea Tasting

    As tea tasters of tea companies.


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  • Content of this page is under construction

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Recent News
  • Food Safety & Quality Management - Indian Register Quality System will conduct the course (a department of Indian Register of Shipping). Session will start from April.
  • Export Import Management - Session starts from April.

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