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  • Investment Management


    Another BIMFS course that works to reduce excessive stress, but this time in the 'Share Market' is titled 'Investment Management' which is also a six month course & is open to candidates who have passed class XII, preferably with a Commerce or Economics background. Standing out from amidst the institute's other 'futuristic' courses like Tea Management, Technical Analysis, Hospital & Management, Photography & Personal Financial Planning, this programme addresses the need for education among many of the players in India's buoyant stock market today.

    The course acts as a safety net that trains individuals with both professional & personal skills, to time the market correctly & control risks, in order to minimize losses & maximize profits. Given that interest, attitude & aptitude is what counts most here, students attending previous batches at BIMFS have been a motley crowd consisting of Chartered Accountants, Chartered Financial Analysts, Employees from corporate houses, banks, brokering firms & housewives.

    Course Contents

    Basics of Equity
    Mutual Funds
    Debt Market
    Fundamental Analysis
    Macro Economics
    Portfolio Management & Technical Analysis. It's Philosophy, Tools, Theories, Patterns
    Investors Psychology & Risk Management
  • Tea management


    Tea is one of the most refreshing and popular beverages of the world. India being the world's largest producer, exporter and consumer of tea, there is wide scope for careers in this field. Though not a very well known career option, jobs in this area can be interesting. There are a variety of jobs one can specialize in a tea industry. The jobs put together is known as tea management. Tea tasting is one of the highly specialized areas of work. Other areas are that of researchers, plantation managers, tea brokers, consultants etc.

    Work in the Tea industry includes plant work, processing, auctioning, branding, marketing and research. Plantation work involves nurturing tea plants in the plantations which includes preparing the soil, applying the appropriate fertilizers, choosing the right variety best suited for the prevailing conditions and supervising the pinching and plucking of the leaves. Processing work involves the crushing, tearing and curling of the leaves, which takes place in the factories. The tea is then packed and dispatched to auction centers. The various samples of tea from different plantations are tested, blended and branded by the tea tasters in the auction centers.

    Course Contents

    Tea Plantation Visit
    Export Import Logistics
    Food Safety Quality Management
  • Export Import Management


    This is for those who wish to have a specialized knowledge and skills in the field of Foreign Trade (ie) Export & Imports. The content of the course will reflect the real world situation and equip the students to meet the varying needs of business.

    The learners of this course will take a lead in exploiting existing and emerging foreign trade opportunities and we encourage and mould you to develop an innovative and creative approach.

  • Food Safety & Quality Management


    Potential points of contamination from farm to table, Types of hazards & its control, HACCP, GMP, GHP, Personal hygiene & its benefits, Problems of food safety in our country, Safety in food packaging, Hygienic design & construction of food processing unit with its layout, Health & safety provisions as per Factories Act, Adulteration & its impacts, Occupational safety & health hazards, Sanitary environment in processing during & after repair & maintenance, Cleaning & sanitation procedures, Food waste management &by-product utilization, Ventilation system, Responsibility of technologist in quality control & food safety etc.

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Recent News
  • Food Safety & Quality Management - Indian Register Quality System will conduct the course (a department of Indian Register of Shipping). Session will start from April.
  • Export Import Management - Session starts from April.

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